Barnsley based Company Better You recommended our service – Strategic Plans

“Whoever understands the customer best, wins.”

Barnsley based Natural health Company – Better You Limited, have recently recommended BCD services. Below is their recent comment about our work.

“We were very pleased with the production project work. Neil Hamblett-Slowey at Brook Corporate Developments was extremely helpful in pointing us the right direction in respect of BetterYou’s strategy,
which we are currently working on. Thank you for the excellent support your team has given us!”

Robin Whitbread
Chief Executive at Better Yo

Implementing Strategic Plans

Implementation is an essential part of the strategic planning process, otherwise, the plan remains merely a “pipe dream”. Organisations developing strategic plans should therefore include a process for implementing the plan – in the plan!

The specific implementation process adopted can vary from organisation to organisation, dependent largely on the details of the actual strategic plan, but some common basic steps can assist in the process and ensure that implementation is successful and the strategic plan is effective.

  • Step 1
    Create a vision. This vision might be a series of aims to be reached, step by step.
  • Step 2
    Inform everyone of what the end result should be and why it is crucial. 
  • Step 3
    Select team members to help you implement the strategic plan.

    Make sure you have a loyal team that “has your back,” but don’t be afraid to include “Devils Advocates” who will point out the downsides .
  • Step 4
    With the team, develop a more detailed plan of how you can achieve the vision, along with targets and milestones.
  • Step 5
    Schedule meetings to discuss progress reports. Present the list of aims or objectives, and let the strategic planning team know of what have been accomplished and any remedial action required.

For more detailed steps and to establish eligibility for funding to help you to produce one please email: –

Tip from Brook Corporate Developments…

Try to give every member of the team(s) a voice in the process. If possible, create a communication system, such as a blog or message board, that allows issues to be posted and addressed in a forum setting.