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FREE 30 minute Practical Business Advice and Assistance Available from Brook via ZOOM


We are offering a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss what you and your business should do in this situation, how best to SURVIVE troubling times, how to REVIVE your business and then THRIVE in the future.


We have fully implemented zoom into our operation and will conduct all our sessions remotely


Send an email to, and a preferred contact time, and we will do the rest

Practical Business Advice and Assistance Available from Brook

Brook are aware of how worrying it can be for business owners and others who are struggling to see how their business will continue after the current coronavirus situation ends (and it will!)

What is needed is a clear head and a clear survival strategy in place – hard as that might be!

Quite often simply talking the situation through with someone experienced will stop it from seeming insurmountable – at other times, its being pointed in the right direction and signposted towards the specialist help available (and increasingly help is available out there)

Back in 2008 we were one of the front line Yorkshire Region Manufacturing Advisory Service “Diagnosticians”, and in that capacity visited many small businesses who were being hit by the financial crisis at that time, giving them advice on how to survive and grow again. I like to think that this action saved a large proportion of these small businesses, many of whom are now still key Clients – and potentially more importantly – trusted friends!