Stewart McShane

Stewart McShane

Senior Consultant, specialising in: Strategy, Lean, Sales & Marketing, Business Planning, Training, Mentoring & Coaching


Stewart is a highly committed and successful business Director, experienced in a variety of sectors and has extensive knowledge of SME development and International trade. During his career, Stewart has successfully developed 5 different business sectors with full profit and loss responsibility over a 10 year period.

Stewart began his career working in Human Resources with a focus on leadership, training and mentoring before moving into business improvement consultancy. He has worked for the Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry delivering both short and in-depth training to a variety of individuals at different levels in their career. Stewart has been working as a management consultant/business coach for 20 years and has a successful track record in working with both British and internationally based companies. He has provided coaching in many areas including Transformational Leadership, Project Management, Customer Service and Sales & Marketing. He also has specialist knowledge of International Trade Services.


2007 - Present
Brook Corporate Developments Senior Consultant - Delivering coaching and strategic business improvement projects throughout Yorkshire, the North West and the Midlands