Human Resources

Human Resources

Brook Corporate Development HR consultants are committed to delivering professional HR support services to help your business gain an in-depth understanding of employment law.

Brook Human Resources Training

Brook HR experts are highly qualified HR professionals, providing expert HR training and support services to help you make the correct decisions and actions when managing your employees. With our approach:

  • Our trainers Support your team, including first-line managers, team supervisors, team leaders or anyone with an element of people management with their day-to-day duties to ensure they have a foundation knowledge base on HR law.
  • Our trainers offer practical help with employment contracts, managing disciplinaries and anything your business needs to implement change correctly.
  • Our trainers provide your staff the correct knowledge in relation to the full employee life cycle, from pre-recruitment to termination of employment.

Additionally, with our business improvement programmes, we aim to create a compliant working environment that promotes the success and future growth of individuals.

Brook HR Training – Areas of Focus

  • The basics of HR Management – From how HR contributes to organisational success to the score of HR within an organisation, we make sure your staff understands the basics of Human Resource Management.
  • Recruitment, Selection & Induction – Writing job descriptions can be difficult to ensure all bases are covered. Our HR training services are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to find the right candidate at the right time.
  • Employment Contracts & Staff Handbooks – We work with you to write employee contracts that comply with employment law and your company policy and are tailored to your needs. We help create induction programmes fit for any role.
  • Performance Reviews – It is important to align performance to your organisation’s culture and strategy. Performance reviews with SMART objectives keep your team focused and help identify additional development areas for your staff.
  • Managing Difficult Situations – Dealing with disciplinary or grievance situations can be challenging. Both our HR services and leadership training courses are designed to make sure your staff can handle these situations quickly and efficiently.
  • Absence Management – The cost of absence can have a significant impact on your business. Our HR training will help you understand how to manage both short and long-term absences, along with how to deal with them to protect the business and comply with employment law.
  • Engagement & Retention – It is crucial to keep hold of your staff. We will show you the importance of positive staff engagement and explore the benefits of retaining employees.


Why Choose Brook HR Training Courses & Support Services?

We are one of the leading HR training providers, offering flexibale and dynamic training courses bespoke for need for high impact, over off the shelf training. Our professional HR training courses are designed for forward-thinking businesses, and our HR trainers will work closely with you to share their expertise and make it effortless for you to manage your team.

We offer practical advice on managing any HR issue, but we also provide several services to add value to your organisation.

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A fully comprehensive HR service delivered through our specialist associate consultants.

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