International Trade

International Trade

Brook’s international trade experts work with businesses that want to improve their international trade operations to provide import and export training.

Both our international trade and business improvement training focuses on your internal processes to ensure compliance with current regulations and implement successful export and import strategies.

Brook International Trade Training

As one of the leading international trade consulting firms, we offer a range of bespoke international trade training programmes.

With a strong reputation helping business with their trade strategy, we offer a range of bespoke international trade training programmes. Our courses examine the many aspects of international documentation, the reasoning behind the requirements and how your business can implement a successful trade strategy across your operation.

Brook International Trade Programme – Areas of Focus

  • Export and Import Strategies – Exploring the readiness and questionnaires to determine how ready your organisation is to start trading internationally.
  • Import & Export Overview – Benefits of importing & exporting and routes to markets.
  • Import & Export Processes – How internal paperwork simplifies the exporting process (quotation, order acknowledgement, works order, picking & packing list, commercial/export invoice).
  • Import & Export Licenses – Documents required for export & import licence and import & export controls.
  • Preferential Duty– Understanding the basis of preferential trade and the countries with which the EU and the UK have preferential trading agreements.


Why Choose Brook International Trade Training?

At Brook, our expert trainers are some of the best international trading specialists in the country. From how to get the documents required for your export and import license to how to implement the right export and import strategies for your business, we will work closely with your team to improve your business operations.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our international trade courses in Leeds, Yorkshire, and the Midlands, or to explore our range of services to push your business to the next level.

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