Understandably, the first thing you consider is the cost. With this in mind, it’s important to focus on what it is you want from a consultant then to look at what you will get for your money and what the tangible outcomes are likely to be. Helping businesses to fund consultancy work is something that Brook Corporate Developments take pride in and we have a pretty unique approach.

At Brook, we want to support as many businesses and organisations as possible. This is why we believe in making it easier to fund our work, by working with a network of partners who offer support and grants. This means that our consultants are jointly funded by a grant and our clients, making the benefit of an experienced business consultant more accessible to the very companies that need one.

So how does it work?

Step 1: You know you need to add a particular set of skills or expertise to help you achieve your business goals. You’ve discussed it with your team and agree that it’s time to bring in a consultant.

Step 2: Choosing the right consultant is key. Establishing who has the knowledge you need, what their own story brings and how they will benefit your business are the points to consider here. (You can see the range of Associate Consultants on our website.) It should be easy to establish the area of expertise and level of experience that each consultant has, making it easier to decide who will be the best fit to achieve what you’re aiming for. If you need help in deciding, you can always ask us!

Step 3: How will you pay for it? This isn’t a complicated process. Once you’ve decided to engage a consultant, we will work with you to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible. You won’t even need to get bogged down in hefty funding applications, because we can do that for you.

Funding Partners

Our funding partners work regionally and nationally, helping businesses to access vital support, training and consultant expertise. You will find links at the end of this post, they include:

University of Huddersfield Supply Chain Initiative.

Manufacturing and SME’s can benefit from up to 50% funding based in the Leeds City Region.

Enterprising Barnsley. 

Offering business based in Barnsley funding of up to 100% of the project cost. 

Manufacturing Technology Centre. 

Nationwide coverage, with funding of up to 33.3% for businesses in manufacturing and SME’s.

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).

Businesses wishing to train and develop their employees’ skills can benefit from the training programmes we deliver on behalf of the AMRC. All costs must be met by the businesses themselves, as additional funding is not available.

The Manufacturing Institute, Manchester.

We work with the Manufacturing Institute as a delivery partner. Providing training to business wishing to upskill their employees. No additional funding is available, so all of the cost must be covered by the business.

Step 4: Getting to work. Here’s what you can expect from working with a Business Consultant:

  • A fresh pair of eyes on the problem. An outsider’s view is often just what you need. It’s so easy when you inside a situation to have your perception clouded by previous experiences, problems and issues that could seem daunting to you. A consultant can look at issues throughout your business, with greater clarity, giving them the ability to see potential solutions that may not have been obvious to you. They will be honest and challenge where necessary, so building a good working relationship is an integral part of what they do. Trust and excellent two-way communication are what makes the process easier and more successful. 
  • Specialist Knowledge. A consultant may be experienced in a different field of business to the sector in which you operate. The skills they possess will still be relevant and key to helping you to achieve your goals. This can be beneficial in the sense that the consultant will be able to see the specific issue with greater clarity, unencumbered by industry baggage. 
  • Recommendations and advice. Your consultant will work with you to resolve issues and sort through the details. They will make recommendations and advise on how best to move forward. Then they will support you in making decisions on the best way forward and help you to implement the plan.
  • Networking. A business consultant has a treasure trove of contacts and access to other experts. They know who’s who in business advice and support services. Their reach is way beyond that of the average business owner. This is another key tool that will benefit you during the process.
  • Legacy. Your consultant will aim to leave you with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry you forward in meeting the outcomes you are looking for. It’s in their interest to share the benefits of their experience with you and ensure you get the best results. Many consultants work on recommendation, so by making sure you have the best experience possible, they are increasing the possibility that you will tell others about it.
  • Value. There’s no point in a consultation project not proving to be cost-effective and where possible, to help you to save money. Value for money is vital and something we take very seriously.


You can find relevant information and links to our funding partners below.

Our Associate Consultants

Our Funding Partners:

University of Huddersfield Supply Chain Initiative

Enterprising Barnsley

Manufacturing Technology Centre

The Manufacturing Institute – Manchester

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)



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