A Bush Engineering Services Ltd

A. Bush Engineering Services: A Thriving West Yorkshire SME

A. Bush Engineering Services are a successful SME based in West Yorkshire, England. They employ a team of 14 skilled professionals and serve a diverse customer base across the UK and beyond.

What They Do:

Manufacturing: A. Bush designs and manufactures bespoke fabricated products for clients in the construction and petrochemical industries. Their technical expertise and vast experience are highly regarded in the market.

Maintenance Services: In addition to manufacturing, the company offers maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of their clients’ equipment.

Growth through Strategic Planning:

Recognising the need to adapt and improve for future success, A. Bush made a significant decision to bring in an external management consultant, Stewart McShane. This second-generation business understood the importance of change and efficiency to stay competitive.

The Consultant’s Role:

Stewart worked with the senior team to conduct a strategic review. This process provided clarity on the company’s current state, its future goals, and the gaps that needed to be addressed.

"The whole team have a fantastic set of values that they drive through the business enjoying the environment that they work in and enjoying the success that they gain...."

Key Outcomes:

Identified Opportunities: The review revealed several promising avenues for growth.
Goals and Objectives: Clear goals and objectives were established to guide the company’s development.

Improved Processes: Existing processes were optimised for better efficiency.
Action Plan for Growth: A plan was developed to build stronger customer relationships and expand capacity to meet growing market demands. This included an ambitious target to double their turnover from £1 million to £2 million within three years.

Ongoing Support: Stewart continues to work with A. Bush on a weekly basis, assisting them in implementing their strategy. This includes translating the strategy into operational plans, establishing robust processes to support growth, and measuring the company’s performance. He acts as an external accountability partner, problem solver, and change driver, supporting the senior team in achieving their goals.

Company Culture: A. Bush fosters a positive and enjoyable work environment. The team is driven by a strong set of values, taking pride in their work and celebrating their accomplishments together.

Bringing It All Together

“Before we got help from Brook Corporate and Stewart came to visit us, we were all just doing our own things in our separate offices. We didn’t really know how well our company was doing each week or month until we got our accounts done at the end of the year.

Even though we were working hard, we weren’t really connected as a team. We didn’t have clear processes to follow, and we didn’t have a clear idea of what was coming next. We weren’t planning for the short, medium, or long term future.

When Stewart came, he brought us all together and helped us get organised. Now, we feel more focused, connected, and we all have the same goals.

Stewart helped us create processes to follow and taught us the importance of thinking ahead and planning for the future. We now make budgets for the future and have regular meetings where we talk about new inquiries, orders, planning, what we need to operate, and our finances…”

Peter Bush (Managing Director at A.Bush Engineering Services)