We are a Specialist Business Consultancy & Training Provider
based in Yorkshire

Implementing Business Support Interventions to Facilitate Change

Our Team Support You With Business Growth, To Increase Productivity And Facilitate Change.

Brook’s specialist consultants provide the support and skills that businesses may not have within their operation.

Brook’s Strategic Consultancy Multidisciplinary Approach

  • We are a leading business improvement consultancy, offering a sounding board for new ideas and challenging the thoughts of organisations decision-makers, to help your staff grow and develop.
  • We offer more accessible services by helping local businesses nationally with financial support towards consultancy costs through our many funding partners.
  • Our Business Support Team can work closely with you to understand your business requirements and create a bespoke strategy to support your growth to be delivered via our team of associate consultants.
business improvement consultants
We provide Consultancy and Training related services which positively contribute towards the development of our clients business operations
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Our Consultancy and Training Services

Our Business Consultants will drive empowerment and help your team gain and retain the knowledge needed to grow. Our approach focuses on the following services:
Brook Corporate Developments

Our Team

At Brook we have a team of expert consultants and trainers who coach, mentor, upskill, advise, and implement services within area of expertise. We operate a multi-disciplinary approach, addressing issues affecting businesses and helping our clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities.


We are proud of the long-lasting partnerships we have created to provide project funding and business improvement opportunities. We work in partnership with several local and national funding providers and commercial organisations to deliver direct and subcontracted programmes to reduce the cost for our diverse client base.

As the leading business improvement consultancy in the North West and Yorkshire, Brook has worked with, helped and improved company efficiencies for thousands of businesses across the UK with a specific emphasis on Sheffield and Leeds.

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