Why are employees in the Great Resignation looking to move roles?

Despite the UK economy rebounding from the pandemic, labour shortages are still an ongoing issue. As of March 2022, 13% of UK businesses reported a shortage of workers, with this number rising to 31% for businesses with 10 or more employees. So where are these workers going and why are they choosing to leave their […]

Why are team leadership skills so important?

leadership skills

How to develop essential leadership skills through management training courses? From CEOs to senior managers, leadership skills are necessary to help your business grow.

Our leadership training consultants share their professional insight.

What does it take to be a Strong Leader?

Strong leadership is synonymous with motivation and inspiration. There have been recent studies where leadership has been given weightage. It has been one of the reasons for employees working to their full potential and determination. You might visualise the leader as being abrasive, aloof, arrogant, and insensitive. But the work is more and encompasses beyond […]