What does it take to be a Strong Leader?

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Strong leadership is synonymous with motivation and inspiration. There have been recent studies where leadership has been given weightage. It has been one of the reasons for employees working to their full potential and determination.

You might visualise the leader as being abrasive, aloof, arrogant, and insensitive. But the work is more and encompasses beyond delegating work, communicating, and controlling the employees.

Who is a leader?

A true team leader inspires with high levels of performance, engages with the workforce, and finds innovative solutions. Without a strong leader, chaos prevails.

The main focus of a leader is around keeping the work team intact. The work of a team leader involves aligning the team members to the timeline of the process, explaining the task, and fostering unity so that they work cooperatively. Being a team leader is not only a skill but is an art. The art of uniting everyone, the art of providing a vision to the whole team, to work effectively towards the common goals.

Every workforce, every team at an organisation needs a leader who can give them direction. Without a strong leader to steer the people in some direction the organisation cannot work even if it has the most skilled people.

Why do you think strong leadership is important?

A team leader is an able person who articulates a clear vision into the minds of their team members. No matter how big the task, the clear intention of the team leader supports the team beyond their personal agenda.

The team leader is responsible for the whole team’s success. A timeline is set up, a list of objectives and goals outlined, the problems identified and the solutions planned, the schedule optimised, keeping in mind the effectiveness and efficiency of resources. This makes it easy for even a small team to accomplish big tasks.

All this is possible if you have a good leader to guide and counsel you.

How important is team unity and how a team leader inculcates unity among their team members?

Fostering unity among people is one of the greatest tasks of humankind. People are diversified. They are diversified on the lines of their beliefs, their ideas, their education, their skills. All this needs to be put aside when you work as a team. Strong leadership has the greatest responsibility of managing the skills of their team members, the talents they possess, the personal attitudes they carry.

A strong leader needs to understand and respect every individual personality and motivate them to work for the good of the whole team.

Great leaders have in history accomplished humongous tasks that seemed impossible. For businesses to grow the team leaders should be inspiring, responsible, committed, collaborative, and creative.

How does good leadership differ from good management?

The words leadership and management are confused. But in reality, these two broad terms encompass their meaning and their functional roles. Leaders are often the managers but managers are not always leaders.

Here are the few important qualities of a leader which make them different from a manager.

Confident Worker 

A good leader would praise the team members, support their team members in times of crisis. They would assume responsibility for the failure of tasks. But a manager wouldn’t do that. A strong leader has their own vision, integrity. They possess an extraordinary charm that is contagious and inspires people to be like them.

Dependable and Reliable 

Your team members could rely upon you in critical times. Your team members would look upon you to clear up the mess when things go wrong. A strong leader has uncompromising and consistent values that make them more strong, integral, and trustworthy.


A strong leader is always able to find the solution to a problem no matter how difficult the task is. But dedication, focus, perseverance helps you and your team accomplish the task. The coordinated effort helps you meet deadlines and prove the devotion to your work.


With all the focus and emphasis on team efforts, a leader is also inspiring. They always do the right things. You will find a manager controlling the things, setting timelines, following the instructions. But a leader sets the direction and inspires the people to follow them and trust their ability.

Train yourself to become a good leader

The training programs offered via Brook’s Leadership & Management trainers introduce you to your own strengths and weaknesses. We will enable you to develop and maintain a strong attitude towards leading and managing tasks that will help you become an excellent leader.

Our business improvement consultants offer leadership programs that are focused upon identifying your leadership style, adapting new styles to lead, communicating better, and building an effective team. The whole idea behind the training is to enhance your management qualities to work for you. This will help you develop a strong sense of leadership.

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