Two New Lean Six Sigma Consultants Join Brook Team

Brook Corporate Development is excited to announce a new addition to its team of professional consultants.

Peter Dobrijevic and David Hunter, two of the most experienced Lean Six Sigma consultants in the North of England, have joined the family and are ready to support Brook’s clients with their expertise to promote growth and success through Six Sigma methodology.

We have asked Peter to share his experience as a Six Sigma professional, and how Six Sigma can help businesses.

Q. How has your career journey led you to become Lean Six Sigma trainers?

My career journey started as an apprentice served toolmaker, but within 1 year after my apprenticeship finished, I was promoted into the manufacturing manager role. Within this role, my problem-solving skills became apparent to the organisation. This led to further progression of roles and extensive training with me ending up as the company’s Master Black belt and Continuous Improvements Manager. In other words, I was considered the problem solving go-to guy.

Q.    What does a Lean Six Sigma consultant and trainer do?

Our role is to help guide and support businesses to introduce the Lean Six Sigma strategy. We train and mentor Lean six sigma practitioners from Yellow, Green and Black belts, we also provide support on all the different individual quality training modules. This includes 8D, DOE, GR&R, SPC, Process Capability, Weibull analysis and many others.

Q.    What are you most proud of in your career so far?

Our most important professional achievements so far have been:

Working for 2 years at our Chinese site, helping to develop the engineers and managers.
Developing our UK site to become the worldwide best in the group for all KPI’s and performances.

Q. What makes your Lean training methodology stand out? What is your approach?

Our approach is different from many others due to the extensive real-world experiences gained by being real Lean six sigma practitioners. We have been very lucky because we have received extensive support and we have been allowed to use and develop the Lean six sigma approach every day.

Q.    Why is Lean Six Sigma crucial for businesses development and strategy?

Lean Six Sigma is a precise methodology and a profit-driven approach. Its benefits are data-driven and it always has a return on the investments. In other words, it pays for itself. It is a historically proven methodology that works and has worked for many successful organisations worldwide.

Q.    What are the benefits of Lean training?

It’s a simplistic approach that delivers high returns because is based on making the business profitable by reducing waste.

Q. Is getting a Six Sigma certification worth it for small businesses?

Lean Six Sigma is beneficial for any size company that wants to improve their production standards. It is not just a methodology: it is a proper culture and mindset change.

Q.    What are some of the biggest challenges that businesses are facing today, and how can Lean consulting help?

The biggest challenges that businesses face today are the same as they have always been.

Undoubtedly, businesses of all sizes need to develop a successful strategy that can make them profitable and maximise their growth. Organisations also need to improve their survival skills, which are crucial to beat the competition.

Q. What would you recommend to businesses looking for improving their performance?

Lean Six Sigma is a culture/mindset change: be prepared for change!

Q.    What are the benefits of learning Six Sigma? Are Lean Six Sigma consultancy services in demand?

The main benefits are: a change in culture and mindset, becoming profitable, maximizing growth, and beating the competition.

Lean Six Sigma is a proven methodology and is always in high demand.

Q.    What do you value most about Brook Corporate Development vision and culture?

Good Quality, good standards, and good delivery. The Brook Corporate Development team is really committed to helping businesses succeed in the future.

Looking for Lean Six Sigma Training in Yorkshire and the North of England?

As one of the leading Lean consulting and implementation companies in the North of England, Brook Corporate Development provides businesses with all the necessary tools to eliminate waste and maximise their potential.

Get in touch with Brook Corporate Development today to find out more about our Six Sigma methodology and how we can help your company improve its standards for maximum results.

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