Why Lean Manufacturing Training

The Idea of Lean manufacturing is based upon two pillars. First, reduction of wastage in the process of manufacture of the end product, secondly increasing the value of the end product by involvement of the employees and encouragement of efficient processes.

While all this seems to be a theoretical story, Lean manufacturing in practicality is the best technique to expand your business enterprise. There have been debates regarding the concept and success of Lean manufacturing.

Advocating the idea of Lean manufacturing Yorkshire one would put forward various benefits arising out of such shifts in the day-to-day business processes of any unit. It can be translated into changes in the way you plan, manufacture, strategize, implement various strategies, techniques and processes necessary to build the end product. 

Benefits of lean manufacturing

When we talk about the organisational changes, you can be sure of a shift in the current way of doing things. Lean thinking is directly related to change of course of action.

The lean model diverts resources to more beneficial processes. It could also mean to shorten the whole process cycle to achieve more productivity. Let’s  have a look at the various merits of these changes.

1. Process Complexity


Lean manufacturing simply cuts short the complexity of things in your business. It shortens the whole manufacturing cycle and gives you the same end product of higher quality with fewer processes.

2. Better Management of Changing Priorities


With reducing the waste, you mean diverting your energies to a more productive thing. A change in your priority is brought about gradually when resources work more efficiently and reap positive results.

3. Better Project Visibility and Increased Team Productivity


Lean thinking brings about clarity among the workforce. The human resources are more focused and dedicated. There is less confusion about the processes and the way they are to be completed. This can improve productivity in a short span of time. The stakeholders too get clarity about the return on investment and can plan for even bigger goals in the future.

4. Increased Team Morale


Is it not obvious that such a smooth working environment would bring about satisfaction, creativity, and innovation among the team of your organisation? Lean thinking clears the clouts of factors that hinder the processes at your workplace. 

5. Reduced Costs


You save a bigger share of resources for important tasks for your product manufacturing. You would be able to efficiently employ your money, workforce and other resources for growth of business.

6. Predictable Delivery of Customer Value


Customer satisfaction is the ultimate product that is connected to all other factors promoting business expansion. When you have a customer satisfied with a product of optimum quality, you are in multiple ways benefitted. For example, customer satisfaction builds demand, self advertising capacity, brand name and finally a bigger share of profits. 


A Shift towards the lean manufacturing

While all this is happening your employees might start to fear about their termination from jobs as a part of reduction of wastage. The transition to a Lean manufacturing idea can lead to rumours of cost-cutting that involves termination of various employees and positions. But the management of any business should be very careful when they start to initiate the process of transformation. 

Lean manufacturing would, on one hand, mean reducing and eliminating wastage. It cannot be readily translated to firing the employees. So what’s the best way to initiate and commence this transition and bring about changes in the business? 

  • When you are sure of the idea that Lean manufacturing is the way ahead for your business then you must conduct a round table conference along with your employees for a group discussion. 
  • There should be transparency between the management and the employees to drive away all the rumours. 
  • Lean manufacturing Employee training for the new business model would encourage them to adopt this system with Open hands. There are various benefits of adopting employee training for lean manufacturing.
  • Employees knowledgeable about the concept can contribute with their inputs.

This change management approach amounts to a happy environment for the employees. this way  they feel valued, respected and a part of the organisation as a whole.

A  healthy social environment at work can be seen as a contributor to  a more accurate and efficient workforce. They enhance the productivity level of the employees and can be beneficial for the business in the long run. 


Covid 19 and business improvement training

With the increase in the covid 19 effects on the businesses, there is strong demand to cut down costs. But this can adversely affect the business if carried out haphazardly. Reducing the number of employees or the manufacturing strength can do more harm than good.

There is a strict need to work in a way that takes your business back on track. As the manufacturing consultants Yorkshire say, businesses can be improved with a shift towards lean manufacturing Yorkshire.

Lean & 6 Sigma is now one of the most popular business improvement techniques. All sectors including administration, logistics, manufacturing, automotive, local government and chemicals can adopt this incredible model to turn their money into profits. 

Lean & 6 Sigma techniques can impact the profitability and viability of businesses. These are more relevant than ever in the scenario and can help create a solid base for expansion of a growing business organisation. Lean & Six Sigma is a focused approach that seeks to improve performance by eliminating waste and defects.

With the support from Lean consulting yorkshire, businesses can adopt this viable way to make a smooth transition to this much needed strategy.

The recovery support programme seeks to involve your existing employees and train them. The methods and tools are implemented through affordable means.

Consultancy Yorkshire helps to devise, strategize and perform the necessary processes for a profitable organisation. This training approach, methodologies, tools and techniques have been revised in line with ISO 18404:2015 which is the international standard for all Lean & 6 Sigma training. 

Lean management can be a challenging task for the management. Given its negative aspects, this can create an atmosphere of confusion at your workplace. To avoid all such hassles, Consultancy Sheffield are putting forward their helping hand for implementation of the lean principles with their Recovery support programme. With an affordable funding model, the situation is a win win for the organisation and the employees.


Funding for a training programme

Sheffield consultancy is gearing up to provide a comprehensive training to the business employees at affordable rates. Following are some features of the programme. 

  1. The programme for lean management training is 80 % funded. With a detailed and effectively compiled programme puts forward the best for the employees to learn. 
  2. This lean training programme being a shared funding plan brings immense opportunities for both the organisation and the trainees. 
  3. It costs as low as £ 210 per employee. Such an affordable package would help grow without spending much resources.
  4. This 7 day lean programme helps you master the concept and experiment with the strategies for business improvement.

The field for Lean manufacturing is always open for all businesses given its benefits and positive results. Taking a look at various examples from the real life situations, you would be even more satisfied with the decision to adopt Lean manufacturing business model.

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