Marketing Your Business During A Downturn

A downturn can be a difficult time for businesses, as consumer spending tends to decrease and competition can be fierce. However, it’s important to remember that downturns are also opportunities for businesses to stand out and take market share. Below are our 5 tips for gaining more visibility for your business during a downturn: Be […]

Why are employees in the Great Resignation looking to move roles?

Despite the UK economy rebounding from the pandemic, labour shortages are still an ongoing issue. As of March 2022, 13% of UK businesses reported a shortage of workers, with this number rising to 31% for businesses with 10 or more employees. So where are these workers going and why are they choosing to leave their […]

A Masterclass in Lean business practice – Business Process Optimisation

  Join us in partnership with West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges as we deliver a FREE masterclass workshop exploring lean business practices for managers. About this Event This masterclass aims to introduce Business Process Optimisation to managers who are working in, but not limited to, the manufacturing, engineering, construction and logistics sectors. As part of […]

Does Your Business Lack Strategic Direction?

With COVID-19 impacting many businesses across the country, business owners are now revisiting their strategic growth plans to ensure business continuity. You can define strategy as a long term plan that helps you create a vision for your company. Your business is there to achieve a set of goals and objectives. You need certain defined […]