MyNexo Business Application

“We are super excited to be launching MyNexo towards the back end of the year…”

Dom Brook first had the idea for a centralised, automated, digital communication and market place tool when he first entered the industry 3 years ago.

“It’s mind boggling to now see what was a vision locked away in my head be just about ready for launch. We still have so much more business planning to do, however the light is at the end of the tunnel.”

What is MyNexo?

MyNexo is an IOS/Android/Desktop business management application for both freelance consultants and businesses looking to connect with third party, local support.

This software as a service platform (SaaS) is subscription-based giving the business free access to centralise their communication with external support, have full visibility of diaries, instantly book appointments and schedule and process invoicing via a centralised digital tool powered by GoCardless

We will be officially launching the app for download around November time, with bookable appoints to be launched from the 1st January, 2023.

For now, take a look at the new website below, sign up for launch information and follow our Linkedin page MyNexo for regular updates.

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