Does Your Business Lack Strategic Direction?

business strategy

With COVID-19 impacting many businesses across the country, business owners are now revisiting their strategic growth plans to ensure business continuity.

You can define strategy as a long term plan that helps you create a vision for your company.

Your business is there to achieve a set of goals and objectives.

You need certain defined steps and processes to achieve these goals in a definite period of time.

This strategy should be based on real facts, figures and some positive actions.

If you think that you can achieve your vision, you must organise work and devise a strategic activity set.

To provide the best experience to your customers can be a goal and to achieve this you need to streamline your supply chain, set competitive prices and devise a marketing strategy to reach out to the potential customer.

Such an optimised way of doing business can not only increase the sales but also earn your business a renowned name in the industry and contribute to its expansion.

Why is Strategy Important?

Business strategy is what makes business successful. Performance, marketing, business model, all these things come to work in your favour only if you have a strong strategy that helps you make quick decisions.

Your strategy should encompass various areas including finance, economic and management of the organisation.

The main goal is to allocate and optimise resources to make profits in a definite period of time. A business strategy facilitates all the activities at your unit to move forward.

Gaining the return on investment is only possible with the strategy that beats competitors with time efficiency and accuracy.

Here is a route to your business strategy. Follow these steps to ultimately devise a plan for your business and devote all efforts to its realisation. This would serve as a guide for your business’s future.

  1. Understanding your Vision and scope for realisation

All businesses have a starting point. If you are new to businesses, you should define what type of services you would like to build, what is your target audience and what market will you serve.

This long term plan will guide your decisions. To run a successful business you need to understand your current business position, stakeholder requirements, resources and capabilities and the financial needs to achieve growth. Only the will Your vision will become reality.

  1. Devising a Strategic Development Plan

A strategic plan should be realistic. Businesses need to plan how they will achieve their vision. To create a plan for business growth, they need to establish measurable growth targets.

This is imperative for the businesses as it converts  it’s vision into a road map. Breaking down the tasks to make it happen is what a plan is all about.

  1. Planning the Route to Success Plan

You must have an achievable plan to ensure you succeed on your journey. Carefully analyse what opportunities you have in the coming future.

You can take reference from the data facts that you have to analyse the risks and challenges involved in the plan.

You should take into consideration all the factors affecting the achievement of goals. This involves all the risks.

For example achieving a sales target, you must think about the costs involved in it, the probable disruptions that can occur and affect the process. This method can help to keep the journey moving.

  1. Have Individual Action Plans

Your vectors can be broken down to make realistic tasks distinguishable and ensure that all tasks are assigned to respective managers.

Within this plan, setting measurable timeframes to complete tasks can encourage discipline and fast tracked growth.

Individual employees know exactly what they need to do. There is less confusion and more work at your place.

Ensuring your team is responsible and individually focused can help to encourage innovative solutions at a lower cost.

  1. Guiding Your Journey in the right direction

You need a strategy to capture the market share, build your own brand identity and take a leading position in the market.

The right leader takes organisations on the path of rapid growth with less diversion from the plan.

Directing your way towards sustainability helps to reduce any waste activity to creep in and eat in your money, time and effort.

Also, your strategy helps to overcome the changes in the business environment without much effect on the business.

  1. Analysing performance

You must review and update the strategy to ensure that your business is able to adapt the changes in the market and the industry.

You must keep your business strategy flexible to meet the market and industry needs.

Brook compass

While you are still thinking about where to start building your business strategy with help of Business Improvement Consultants, here is an incredible way to optimise and streamline this process. You can hire third party consultants to make this happen.


The “Brook Compass” is a visual planning tool that keeps your business on track and facilitates implementation.

It’s a bespoke tool used to create a visual strategy to allow businesses to see their start point, the milestones they need to achieve the goals over time.

It’s built by the best consultancy Sheffield and uses the vectors and timeframes to give you a visual representation of how your business would grow taking into account various dimensions including risks and competition.

This can be put up around management offices as a guiding tool to ensure senior leaders of the team are focused on growth.

It allows you to set individual tasks and action plans for different process managers to make sure the growth is achieved and tracked.

You are free to conduct review meetings to revise action plans. This is another way to keep an eye on your progress and find the loopholes that can hinder progress at any point of time.

If you are a business looking to implement a strategic growth strategy, or need help planning for business continuity during COVID-19 as a external piece of support, then contact us to see how we can support both growth or turnaround plans in 2021.

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