Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

We are one of the leading business improvement companies, giving your business strategic direction through growth planning and implementation.

Why Choose Brook to Support Your Strategic Direction?

Brook business improvement consultants work with your senior leadership team and board members to help your business establish a strategic growth plan.

With our approach, we aim to create realistic and forward-thinking strategic direction to help businesses achieve their goals. Our business strategy services includes:

  • Using our bespoke “Brook compass” and other professional visual planning tools.
  • Establishing strategic tasks and ensuring these are delegated to correct personnel to guarantee efficient delivery.
  • Implementing your new development strategy into everyday business practices.

As a result, the business will have a visual strategy that can be shared across the workforce and with stakeholders for better tactical direction.

Brook Corporate Development Strategy – Areas of Focus

Business Vision & Assessment

Brook’s team of strategic trainers work with businesses senior teams to understand your current business position, what your stakeholder requirements are, what resources and capabilities are within the business, and the financial needs to achieve strategic growth.

Strategic Development Plan

Using the “Brook Compass” visual planning tool, our strategic trainers create and implement a forward plan for the business by focusing on the following core actions:

  • Establishing the vectors for success
  • Setting measurable and realistic growth targets
  • Breaking down the tasks to ensure delivery

Route to Success Plan

We will create a simple and effective Route to Success plan, which is easy to implement and will help you succeed on your journey. We break down the vectors to clean and realistic tasks and ensure that they are assigned to the relevant members of your staff. Within the plan, we will set measurable timeframes to complete tasks and establish a method to keep your growth moving.

Business Action Plans

Your dedicated strategic trainer will work closely with you to ensure your senior team know exactly what they need to do and by when. This will consolidate team responsibility, drive empowerment, and maximise your business growth.

Always Guiding Your Journey

Brook’s corporate growth support and expertise are second to none. We know that corporate growth is a journey, and we are here to ensure you have all the tools you need to be successful. As the leading business improvement company in the North West, Yorkshire and the Midlands, we are committed to assisting you with each step of your corporate development.

Brook’s strategic trainers will work with you to make sure your team keeps on the established growth track and to help to overcome any blocking factors that may arise.

Get in touch with us to take your first step towards a successful, long-lasting, strategic growth plan.

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Strategic Development

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