WEBINAR: Questions About Continuing or Re-starting Operations in a Manufacturing Environment?

 Supporting Manufacturers Re-starting Production and Needing to Social Distance While Reassuring Employees Safety



We know a number of manufacturers have continued production throughout the COVID19 pandemic.  Others ceased and are now considering opening up again and have challenges relating to their own and their employees’ concerns.

This ZOOM meeting, Hosted by BCD, will allow the opportunity to meet other local manufacturers, hear from some who have remained open, ask questions of them and our specialist advisers about the challenges – not just H&S but employee behaviours and management as people adjust to working together again.


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Areas Covered/Discussed Include:

Social Distancing Practicalities


Travelling to and from/arriving/leaving work

Personal Care and Facilities

First Aid/Emergency Response

Riddor Reporting Safety of equipment/testing after non-use

PPE equipment 

Please note: If you have any specific questions, let us know in advance 

Date: Friday 1st May

Time: 13:00 

To Express your interest in attending, please email:
or call Mike on:
07702 608870
STAY SAFE and look forward to speaking with you on Friday. 
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